Good Morning, Class!

Posted: April 30, 2011 in Parent Support
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On the subject of parent support –

I once had a student that was chronically late.  It might be by five or ten minutes, or by forty-five minutes, but almost always late.  Needless to say, this is not a habit that is beneficial in any way to the late student (who arrives so late they miss the start of the day, discussion of homework, and beginning lesson of the day), or to the other students, whose learning is interrupted by the walking in, unpacking, and teacher getting the student caught up to where everyone is at.  In addition to this, I should note that the student was almost two grade levels behind in reading, and struggled in all other subjects as well.

So, after it became evident to me that this would be a recurring event, I spoke to the parent one morning as they dropped off the child.  I explained to this parent the reasons why it was important to have the child to school on time, and preferably earlier, especially in this student’s case.   The annoyed parent’s response was:  “I use my cell phone clock, and the school’s clock is obviously off, so you need to fix it!”

What do you say to that?! <sigh>

  1. Chris Wejr says:

    I understand that some of our students have parents that may not have lives that align well with our system of bells and timetables but I am confused at what you are hoping to gain with this post. Should we not be working WITH parents rather than posting thoughts like this that ostracize a parent?

    As a principal, there are many times that I see things that frustrate me (as I am sure that there are things that I do to frustrate others) but I think the conversations need to occur in a way that leads to better relationships, not ones that serve to divide us.

    • I appreciate your comment. What I am trying to accomplish with my post is nothing more than bringing the realities of the classroom out into the open. My goal is in no way to demean, hurt, or ostracize anyone, but instead, to open up the eyes of so many as to what goes on. There are many people bashing the educational system (teachers being the target, in particular), as I am sure you are aware, and I believe they are ignorant of what really goes on in classrooms, and of the difficulties that teachers (and students, for that matter) go through. My intended audience is not so much teachers, administration, or parents, as it is politicians and others who are so lacking in awareness of the day to day issues that are the realities in classrooms across the country.

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